Sleep and relaxation in babies: what are the positive effects of music?

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By Mary Dubois

By letting your baby listen to music, you will allow him to benefit from a range of benefits. In fact, melodies have been shown to make young children happy and relax. Their mood is positively impacted by the sounds you play them. This also explains why it is important to create good sleep habits in babies through music. What are the various benefits that can be gained from it?

Create a sleep routine

Using music to put your baby to sleep can have different effects depending on the child's personality. Some parents notice that their little one enjoys the moment, and completely relaxes. Other infants prefer a calm environment when sleeping. In the first case, the use of a story box might be a great idea. The accessory includes many melodies and nursery rhymes popular with children.

The benefit of music in this context is that it can make it easier to establish a sleep routine. Your baby will have no trouble gradually falling asleep as soon as you play his favorite songs. However, you shouldn't leave the music playing for more than half an hour. The goal is not to stimulate the child at this time, but rather to relax him. Also, make sure you stick to this habit every day, so your little one has a regular sleep cycle.

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Make learning easier

Nursery rhymes and music in general contribute to the development of young children on all levels. They allow them to learn to express their emotions in several ways. It might surprise you, but the sounds infants hear improve:

  • Their bodily expression;
  • Their awareness of the surrounding environment.
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By focusing on appropriate melodies, you will make this learning easier. THE pacifier clips can also contribute to the comfort felt by the child. The latter will be more reassured, especially in cases where his parents are not nearby. Further, making your little one listen to music plays a huge part in their psychomotor development. The regularity of this activity will strengthen the child's cognition and language learning.

The ideal would be to subject your little one to a variety of melodies in a reasonable manner, so that he has better auditory perception. Gradually, he will learn to recognize tones and types of music. Throughout the ages, music can be used to stimulate your child's creativity. You won't have a lot of trouble getting him to like musical instruments, which could encourage him to play them later.

Promote relaxation

As you will have understood, music can help you put your baby to sleep more peacefully. It has been proven to have many beneficial effects on the nervous systems of young children. How is it possible ? Soft melodies reduce infants' heart rates, as well as their blood pressure. A complete muscular relaxation then occurs, and a weighting of the respiratory rate.

Having your infant listen to a melody with the aim of relaxing him also camouflages external noises likely to impact his sleep. However, the music to bet on must be well chosen.

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